Who Is The Boss Of YOU?

WhiteFlagLordship, who is in charge of your life? It’s been a question our youngest daughter has been asking since she could speak. We are taking her to college this week. So while I’ve been reminiscing of her younger years, I chuckle as I remember what she would always tell her sisters and peers, “You not the boss of me!” She hated anyone telling her what to do. Her entire orientation to life was who could or couldn’t tell her what to do. She would recount after lots of parental training, “Daddy & Mommy are the boss of me, God is the boss of me, and my teachers are the boss of me.” She just had to know where the boundaries of authority were, because she liked to be in control of her life and was “Trained” to know who had a right to speak into her life.

Similarly, aren’t we all at, our core, programed to look out for number one and to live life on our terms? Thanks to Adam and Eve, we all come into this world with a sin nature that drives us to look at life through the lens of “self”. Our default is selfishness. But as a follower of Christ, Jesus calls us to take up our cross and follow Him. It’s a life of being “trained” to look out for the interests of others over our own and to learn to seek God with all our heart.

What does does it look like when God is “The Boss” of your life? As a Christ follower, we chose to give up our rights to do what we want to do and say what we want to say. We choose to surrender. Interestingly, there are no levels of surrender, we are either surrendered to God or we are not. Jesus calls for complete commitment. A surrendered life should reflect Christ in our lives. To say that we are a Christ’s follower should mean something. It should be reflected in our attitudes, words, and actions.

Let us all be challenged to wave that white flag of surrender to our Lord and Master. Jesus, you ARE the Boss of me! I will do it your way in my finances, in my parenting in my marriage, with my words, with my attitudes, and with the people you place across my path. Let’s determine once and for all “Who is the boss of me”!


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